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OKC Challenge
May 29th - June 1st, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK

Dell City Ball Park - 10A/10B
Seminole Park - 12A
Seminole State College - 12A
EOC Ballpark - 12A/12B
Bouse Sports Complex (Choctaw Park) - 12B
Firelake Ballpark - 14A/16A/16B/18 Open
Dale High School - 14A/16A/16B/18 Open
Shawnee High School - 14A/16A/16B/18 Open
Chickasha Sports Complex - 14B

Upon entry into the tournament, all out of town teams must reserve rooms through TRAVELING TEAMS® and stay in a tournament approved property at the tournament rates, or your team will be subject to a $600 housing buyout fee.

There is a mandatory 6 room minimum per team (not organization) per night. The 6 room minimum must be met for each night of your team’s stay or until you are eliminated from championship play. Any teams not utilizing the minimum of 6 rooms for the tournament will be charged a pro-rated buyout fee of $100 per room short of the 6 room minimum. 

Housing buyout fees are required to be received prior to participation in the tournament.  Teams out of compliance will be removed from the event. 

Late Registrations:

Hotel Room Blocks typically release 3 weeks prior to arrival. Hotel requests placed within this 3 week time period are subject to limited availability and best available rates at that time. Teams may be responsible to pay the buyout if Traveling Teams is unable to secure the rooms desired by the team. A rooming list with names and credit cards will need to be provided for hotel requests within 10 days of the tournament.  Rooms requested during this window of time will require frequent communication with Traveling Teams and will possibly result in rooms needing to be secured independently by the team, at which point the $600 housing buyout fee will be required


Questions? Please Contact the Traveling Teams Reservation Department at 1-800-430-1159 M-F 9am - 7pm
and also on select nights and weekends as well as extended summer hours or Corey Morgan at 1-866-468-3268 ex:808 or via Email: